Tyron Woodley Reacts To Getting Knocked Out By Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley attended the post-fight press conference and seemed fairly positive despite getting knocked out cold by Jake Paul.

The former UFC champion insisted it’s time to start putting respect on Paul’s name after the 24-year-old brought their rivalry to a definitive end last night.

“At some point, you’re gonna have to start putting a little respect on Jake’s name,” Woodley told reporters. I never really disrespected him as a power puncher – that’s something we knew, that’s why my defence was so tight.

“I told you guys I was in shape, I told you I was ready to fight, I told y’all I was coming and I would look in better shape than he was,” Woodley added. “I thought I was winning, it wasn’t a landslide. I went back and I looked at [the KO], and I’m like: ‘Why the f*** did I drop my hand?

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“I had both hands up, I was ready, I knew it was coming, I was ready to block the overhand. I don’t know if he delayed it, [but] even if he didn’t delay it, I don’t know why I dropped my hand.

“In this sport, it can take literally one mistake. I blocked so many punches. Had he dropped his hand on me, the same s*** would have happened.”

Tyron Woodley Plans To Fight On

Woodley has now lost six consecutive fights in boxing and MMA and appears to be way past his best at 40 years old.

Despite that, the former UFC champ insists he will continue to compete in combat sports in 2022.

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“I’m not done. Please do not look at me with sorrow [in your] eyes, shaking your head,” Woodley said. “I f****d a lot of people up, a lot of people had to have that talk in locker rooms, a lot of coaches had to go back to the drawing board. A lot of people, I saw it in their faces, it broke their heart when I took that from them.” (Transcribed by Independent)

Do you think Tyron Woodley should consider retirement after this loss?