Triller has offered fans who illegally streamed Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren one month to pay $49.99 otherwise they will face a lawsuit that could see them forced to pay $150,000.

On Monday, Triller sent out a press release that confirmed the launch of a website that is designed to allow people who illegally streamed the boxing pay-per-view to pay up. If they do, there name will be taken off a lawsuit that will seek $150,000 in damages from each and every person who illegally watched the event.

“VPN firewalls all have to comply and turn over the actual IP addresses of each person who stole the fight in discovery,” Matt St. Claire, Head of Piracy for Triller, said in a statement. “We will be able to identify each and every person, VPN or not, as each stream has a unique fingerprint embedded in the content.

“Triller will pursue the full $150,000 penalty per person per instance for anyone who doesn’t do the right thing and pay before the deadline.”

We are taking this position because it is outright theft,” St. Claire added. “It is no different than walking into a store and stealing a video game off the shelf. In the case of the offending sites, it’s worse, because they also then resold it to many people, illegally profiting from work they do not own.

“We encourage anyone who pirated the event to visit the site before June 1, pay their $49.99 and receive a full and complete release from Triller to avoid further action.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

Despite what appears to be mass illegal streaming the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren pay-per-view is believed to have garnered 1.5 million legal buys.

The YouTuber spectacularly knocked out Askren inside the first round, seemingly setting himself for an even bigger fight next time out.

Did you illegally stream Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren? If so, will you be paying the $49.99 Triller is demanding before June 1?

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