Tony Ferguson Claims He’s Been Threatened Over Fight Selections

Dana White Responds
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Tony Ferguson claims he has been antagonized, provoked, and threatened to take and not take fights or certain opportunities. This seems to be an interesting message as he doesn’t have his next fight booked, perhaps due to the fallout from his latest decision.

It’s been well documented that UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is slated to make the move to 155 pounds in order to fight Dustin Poirier for the interim UFC lightweight title in the main event of UFC 236.

Ferguson was offered to fight Holloway but he turned it down and the UFC got Poirier to step in. As a result of this decision, he has received some backlash from fans, which he elaborated on in a recent post on his official Twitter account. He wrote the following:

“I’m the type of guy that has been antagonized, provoked, and threatened to take & not take fights or certain opportunities to benefit monetarily otherwise my family would be have been hurt. -Champ Sh*t Only”

Ferguson is on an amazing 11-fight win streak. He has victories over the likes of Rafael dos Anjos, Kevin Lee, and Anthony Pettis.

It will be interesting to see which fight he selects as his next bout inside of the Octagon.

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