Todd Duffee vs. Jeff Hughes Ends By Doctor Stoppage – UFC Vancouver Results

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Todd Duffee vs. Jeff Hughes in a heavyweight bout continues the main card of the UFC Vancouver event: 

Round 1: Duffee came right after him and threw some strikes before taking him down. Hughes back to his feet only to be clinched with up against the fence. Duffee blitzed him with strikes but Hughes answered with his own. Hughes tries a kick and Duffee sits him down with a hard left. Hughes stunned him and even cut him open over the right eye. Duffe stunned him and swarmed with strikes to further hurt him. Duffe got poked in the eye and he told the referee that he was seeing double. The fight was stopped.  

Results: Todd Duffee vs. Jeff Hughes ends in a no contest due to an accidental eye poker at 4:03 of Round 1

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