Thiago Alves Testing Free Agency After UFC Release, Willing To Retire

Thiago Alves

After being released by the UFC last month, former UFC welterweight title challenger Thiago Alves is exploring free agency.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Alves reveals he’s talking to mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions, but the numbers he’s being offered aren’t high enough to consider fighting again. He’s willing to walk away from the sport if he doesn’t get what he’s looking for.

“There are some negotiations going on, but nothing really excited me yet to keep fighting,” Alves said. “Thank god I’m financially set, so I don’t need to fight. I want to fight if it makes sense financially. If it doesn’t, I’m cool. I’m open to offers, but it has to be the right offer. I’m not fighting for pennies. It has to be more than I was making in the UFC. It has to be something good.”

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Alves didn’t want to disclose what he was making during his last run with the UFC. However, he does note that he wants a “minimum of six figures just to step in again.” For the moment, the Brazilian is focused on opening up a gym in the United States and joining the police force in Florida.

While his MMA record currently sits on a two-fight losing streak, after his submission loss to Tim Means last month in Washington, Alves will have no regrets if that was the last time he steps into an Octagon.

“I’ve done everything for this sport,” Alves said. “The only thing I haven’t done was win the world title, but I fought the best welterweight of all times, Georges St-Pierre. A 19-year-old kid that left Fortaleza for Miami with 50 dollars in his pocket…I want people to remember me as someone who worked hard and believed in his dream. I did everything my way.

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“I’ve done a lot of sh*t, but I’ve learned with my mistakes and kept moving forward without blaming anyone else but me. I have no complaints. I live a great life, I have a beautiful house, a lot of money in the pocket, my family is great, my son is great. I love my work. I’m part of American Top Team, a team I helped create and become what it is today. I’ve inspired many fighters that are competing in MMA today.

“So, if you’re going to remember me, remember me as someone who believed in his potential. I’m living the dream since the day I left Fortaleza. For me to come back (to fighting), it has to be something that really makes sense, otherwise I’m cool.”

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Do you think Alves should continue fighting? Which promotion would you like to see him fight for?