‘The Choosey One’ Tyron Woodley Turns Down Fight With Hector Lombard

The UFC welterweight division is still a hotpot of talent, and Tyron Woodley got himself back in the mix with his quick knockout of Dong Hyun Kim at UFC Fight Night 48. “The Chosen One” got himself thoroughly beaten by Rory MacDonald at UFC 174, and landed in Dana White’s bad books with that performance.

Now coming off that first round KO of “Stun Gun”, you’d think that Woodley would want to stay in the company’s good graces. His call out of Matt Brown was short lived when “The Immortal” stated he still wants to fight Carlos Condit. Another potential option is ATT team mate, and fellow welterweight stand out Hector Lombard. In fact, the UFC president actually offered Woodley a fight with “Sho Weather”. Check out what he said, via MMAMania.com:

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“I called Woodley and said, ‘Here’s what your teammate just said, and he wants this fight bad.’ And he said, ‘He can say whatever he wants, he’s about him and he’s always been about him. This fight doesn’t work for me and my brand.’ He started telling me all the reasons why he doesn’t want this fight and I just said, ‘Whatever kid, whatever.’ He wants nothing to do with Hector. Hector wants this fight, Woodley does not.”

At this rate, it won’t only be Lombard who changes his nickname, as Woodley may soon be dubbed “The Choosey One”. I’m not quite sure what Woodley means by ‘it doesn’t work for my brand’. Perhaps we could translate that to ‘getting knocked out isn’t good for my title hopes’? Whatever the case, it seems that White is none too happy with “T-Wood” once again.

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It’s one thing when two team mates don’t want to fight, but what is the case here? Lombard was happy to fight Woodley, and surely that will make training sessions slightly more awkward now. Should Woodley take the fight, or was his challenge to the lower ranked, and coming off a loss, Matt Brown more realistic?

I’ll keep you updated as this story evolves.