The Six Best Kimbo Slice Moments


Kevin Ferguson, you will be missed.

Earlier this week the news broke that the man known as “Kimbo Slice” had passed away due to heart failure. The MMA community mourned his passing. Despite his look and reputation as a hard man built to do hard things, Slice was universally liked and respected by anyone who came into personal contact with him. From journalists to coaches to fans, anyone who talked to Kimbo Slice came away saying the same thing: he was a genuinely warm, funny guy.

Slice was responsible for some of the greatest ratings in the history of the sport. His combination of easy charisma, distinct appearance, and appeal to non-fight fans made him a audience magnet whenever he was in front of a camera.

While he would never be confused for an elite mixed martial artist, he had an undeniable place in the sport nonetheless. His ability to draw brought people to MMA who otherwise wouldn’t tune in, and his ratings boon allowed promoters to get other talented fighters over with fans. Love him or hate him, he was an asset to the sport in a way few others could match.

As we reflect on the life and accomplishments of Kevin Ferguson, let us look back at the greatest moments of his alter ego, Kimbo Slice.