Team Takeover LowKick Blog #2: Fedor, JMMA, Nick Diaz and a few words of wisdom

Hello MMA fans!

Bloodstain Lane aka The Bill The Butcher of MMA Journalism is here for the second time. Hope you enjoy my new article.

? The Last Emperor has finally spoken and when Fedor speaks you better take heed cause he is a man of few words. Alistair Overeem was called out by name. This is a fight I been waiting for about 2 years. In my opinion it is the equivalent of Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6. Will the torch be passed to Ubereem or will Fedor still remain the baddest HW on the planet? Let’s do this!

? The Rematch of Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons has been made official. Awesome fight and should be a great build up to it. I am a HUGE Nick Diaz fan, but I won’t lie this fight scares me. KJ Noons boxing is easily Top 2 or 3 in MMA and he’s very difficult to get to the mat. Nick has to come with a different strategy in this fight. The peppering volume punches won’t do it cause Noons throws crisp hard accurate combos and isn’t scare to stay in the pocket. Strikeforce has a ton of headline fights for Nick Diaz: Noons/Mayhem/Semtex/Cyborg, all are action packed entertaining fighters.

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? Another awesome fight added this week was Michihiro Omigawa vs Joe Warren to the DREAM 16 card. Omigawa is another guy with Top of the Food Chain Boxing and World Class Judoka skills; Warren is easily one of the best wrestlers in MMA. The interesting aspect of this fight will be the clinch game, cause of Omigawa is aWC Judo and Warren’s WC Greco Roman. I like Omigawa in this fight by boxing Warren the fuck up. Props to DREAM for pitting twp Top 10 FW’s against each other

? Speaking of DREAM 16 there’s a rumored fight of Shinya Aoki vs Maximo Blanco. I am a huge fan of both. Maximo Blanco is a throwback to the old Chute Boxe days. Another awesome fight, if true.

? Jorge Santiago is no question a certified Top 10 MW Heavyweight. I don’t want to hear about his chin anymore. He has lost once in 3 year and has beaten Misaki 2x, Mamed Khalidov, Trevor Prangley and Andrei Semenov. He has a new fan in me and I loved when he said he was proud to be the SRC Champion.

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? Hatsu Hioki is a Diet Shinya Aoki. F*cking awesome grappling skills. Unfortunately he will be fighting the modern day Godzilla of Japan…MARLON SANDRO….Yup I said it….Sandro has replaced WAND as the new Brazilian Murderer in Japan

? King Mo is let downs all the Kings Prior to him: King Harley Race, King Haku, Jerry “The King’ Lawler and King Macho Man Randy Savage. All face palmed after Mo got TKO’d

? Bobby Lashley needs to focus more on Pro Wrestling, as far as I’m concerned. In my opinion, I don’t think his heart is in this. Less MMA, more Ladder Matches.
-Sergio Cunha (Shogun’s MT Coach) said Shogun will be fighting on the Super Bowl Card in early FEBRUARY. What a sigh of relief after Dana said he won’t be fighting until next summer…WOW…that’s a long time! Hoping for a healthy Shogun to smash Rashad Evans.

? Miesha Tate is becoming one of my favorite female fighters along with Megumi Fujii…She is constantly improving each fight and her striking is getting crisper and sharper, couple that with her TD’s and we are looking at the best female P4P fighter in the next couple of years.

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? Zoila Frausto is an absolute beast…Awesome MT skills and the balance of a fucking trapeze artist, another female fighter to watch for.

? Yoshihiro Akiyama is now training with Greg Jackson……………….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !…One of the most exciting fighters in MMA will now be as exciting as a Microwave Manual.

? If you’re a fan of boxing I suggest you check out my boy Yuri Gamboa fighting Sept 11 on HBO…this dude is a Cuban Mike Tyson…One of the guys that will keep Boxing Alive

? I miss Badr Hari

? R.I.P to one of the greatest Fighters/Martial Artists of ALL TIME and Personal Hero of mine…LEGENDARY K-1 Super Star Andy Hug…Now and Forever Missed

Bloodstain Lane aka The Mel Gibson of MMA signing off. You know what to do with your life.

Photo Credits: Esther Lin | Fight! Magazine