Former Team Alpha Male coach Duane Ludwig opened a can of worms this morning, claiming that TJ Dillashaw was the only one of his former stable that is good enough to be UFC champion. The ex-UFC and kickboxing star ‘Bang’ calls Denver, Colorado home now, after leaving the Californian team to open his own gym, but it came after a rift began to build between Ludwig and certain members of the team. Made up of stars like Chad Mendes, ‘The Viper’, Cody Garbrandt, Lance Palmer and many others, it sounds as though the camp hasn’t taken ‘Bang’s’ comments well, and ‘No Love’ in particular has gotten in to a heated Twitter beef with Ludwig check it out:

Do you think Ludwig’s comments were driven by spite? It’s true that no other TAM member has won a UFC title, although many are/have been champs of other promotions, but does that mean that they don’t have the potential? It’s likely that we’ll discover the answer to that question over the coming years but, thus far, it’s been true for Chad Mendes at the least.

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‘Money’ may well get another shot at UFC gold in the future, and with the amount of talent in the Team Alpha Male camp, it’s probable that ‘Bang’ may be eating his words somewhere down the line….