Video – WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin struggles with ice plunge in viral video, leaves fans howling

WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin leaves fans howling after hilarious ice bath plunge attempt

Former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin attempt to do cold plunge but the Texan did not take to the cold well. 

Ice baths have quickly become the latest trend in the health and fitness space with every celebrity and social media influencer taking to one of the countless podcasts to spread the news. If you scroll on social media long enough, you will see someone taking a dip in a cold plunge. 

There is a lot of benefits ice baths, experts claim that it reduces including reducing inflammation, increase circulation and boosting you mood among others. 

This time it was the turn of professional wrestling legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin to test his limits. The renowned former WWE champion posted a video to social media of him braving the low temperatures, but did the once brash and tough wrestler did not do too well…

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What does Stone Cold Steve Austin do now? 

Austin is regarded by some as one of the greatest and influential wrestlers of all time and was one of the main players during the attitude era and shared a legendary feud with Vince McMahon. Austin wrested his last match at WrestleMania 19 on March 2003 which was against The Rock, but has maintained a high level of fame since. 

The former colligate American football player now spends a lot of his time on his ranch called the Broken Skull Ranch located in Nevada. The 59-year-old also makes several media appearances and hosts his own podcasts as well as appearing on TV shows such as Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Session and Stone Cold takes on America.

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Austin, who was known for his love of beer also owns his own brewing company called the El Segundo Brewing Company.

What do you think is the most memorable Stone Cold Steve Austin moment?