Shawn Tompkins Says Chris Horodecki May Be Headed to WEC Very Soon

Chris Horodecki Shawn Tompkins

(After they showed that video entitled ‘Good Touch/Bad Touch’ in his Health class, Horodecki couldn’t help but regard every adult in his life with constant suspicion.)

When Shawn Tompkins announced that he was leaving Xtreme Couture and taking some fighters with him, you didn’t need to be a genius to figure out that one of those fighters would probably be long-time Tompkins protégé/surrogate son Chris Horodecki.  Those two have been down since the IFL cartoon logo days, back when Tompkins was just Bas Rutten’s assistant coach and Horodecki was still getting carded at R-rated movies.  But now Tompkins says that Horodecki is very close to finalizing a deal to send him to the WEC, and he expects to have the contract signed in “a day or two.” 

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Tompkins also says that Horodecki “would love to go for that WEC lightweight title,” which really just serves to remind us what a confusing scenario the WEC 155-pound class already is.  Ben Henderson just won the interim lightweight title, only to get passed over for a fight with the real champ, Jamie Varner, simply because he was too hurt after a five-round war to turn around and fight again two months later.  Then you’ve got Donald Cerrone, who fights his heart out but can’t seem to catch a break.  Add in the injury-prone Varner and possible sex addict Rob McCullough, and it’s one hell of a scene. 

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Dropping Horodecki, who’s fought just twice since suffering his first career loss to Ryan Schultz in 2007, into the mix only promises to make things more exciting/volatile.  Now the question is, who do you match him up against first?