Sergio Pettis Survives Early Scare To Defeat Brandon Moreno

Sergio Pettis Brandon Moreno
Image Credit: Miguel Tovar-USA TODAY Sports
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Sergio Pettis (16-2) overcame adversity in the first round to dictate the pace against Brandon Moreno (14-4).

The main event of UFC Fight Night 114 featured a flyweight clash between Pettis and Moreno. The two met inside theĀ Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico.

Moreno missed a leg kick early, but landed it on the second attempt. He caught a kick and dumped his opponent to the mat. He took the back of Pettis. The defense of Pettis made it difficult for Moreno to locked in the choke. Nonetheless, Moreno’s control was top-notch. He took the round easily.

Moreno was feeling confident at the start of the second stanza. A spinning heel kick was blocked by Moreno. Pettis caught a kick, but didn’t want to go to the ground with his opponent. Pettis took a risk with his head kicks, but Moreno had top control. Pettis used a submission attempt to get back on his feet.

A kick was caught by Moreno. Not much action was going on, just Moreno being awkward. He landed a leg kick and got out of the way of punches. The round later ended.

Pettis caught a body kick, but was smart to the ground game of his opponent. A head kick followed by a right hand caught his opponent clean. Pettis stuffed a takedown attempt. Pettis was finding his groove. A hard right hand found the jaw of Moreno.

The fourth round began and a poke to Moreno’s eye called a halt to the bout. The fight resumed shortly after. Moreno was much more aggressive on the feet than he had been. Blood kept trickling down the side of Moreno’s face. The round ended with Moreno catching a kick and getting a takedown.

A counter punch landed for Pettis early in the final round. Moreno scored a takedown. Moreno maintained solid control. Pettis shook him off and the fight returned standing. Pettis landed a right hand. The final horn sounded with both men swinging.

Pettis was awarded the unanimous decision win.

Final Result: Sergio Pettis def. Brandon Moreno via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-46, 48-46)

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