Sean Strickland isn’t wanting to date anyone whilst competing in the fight game but has his eyes set on someone for when he retires.

The outspoken middleweight was voicing his opinions on his social media when adult film star Karma RX took a particular liking to the #6 ranked contender. Karma responded to the post saying:

It wasn’t long before MMA fans clued into what Karma’s profession was and before she knew it the adult film star was bombarded by a ton of overwhelming fans, which could’ve made her realize she had made a mistake.

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The conversation would continue with the pair going back and forth with Karma admitting that ‘well, this has gone horribly.’ Strickland responded once again saying ‘Your bio really speaks to me…me too…me too lol,’ to which seemed to be received well by Karma.

Sean Strickland then asked the big question, which again given the response should leave the fighter feeling hopeful.

Sean Strickland Provides Update on Karma RX

After besting Jack Hermanson over five rounds at UFC Vegas 47, Sean Strickland was quick to provide an update on his and Karma’s relationship which had clearly caught the eye of a few fans following their Twitter conversation.

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“Oh, you’re talking about my girl Karma. Ugh, you’re going to get me in trouble. No, one of these days, maybe when she retires and I retire, we’ll get it going. 

“But I mean, how do you—girl fuckin’ sucks d*ck for a living, bro. What do you say? Like, she just got a bunch of dudes cummin’ in her and you’re like, ‘Hey, wanna go on a date, babe? Wanna go get a steak dinner? As she’s cleaning off her lip.”

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“But I will say one thing. Let me compliment my girl fuckin’ Karma. I wanna give her a compliment,” Strickland added.

“That girl’s life was way fu*kin’ harder than me. And yeah, she does suck a little d*ck, but at the end of the day, that fu*kin’ b*tch makes more money than me, you, and the man with the gay haircut. I mean, in all fairness, she should be a meth addict in a fuc*kin’ dumpster. So a lot of people hate on Karma, but at the end of the day, man, girl’s fu*kin’ doing well for herself.” (Transcribed by

Given his latest comments maybe it wasn’t meant to be after all, but that does not change the fact that Sean Strickland remains one of the most unique fighters if not people to ever enter the UFC.

Who is next for Sean Strickland?

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