Sean Strickland has given a refreshingly honest evaluation of a recent sparring session he had with UFC light-heavyweight fighter Maxim Grishin.

The streaking middleweight contender took to social media on Friday to recall a recent sparring session he had with Grishin which ended with him being dropped and kicked out of the gym.

“So, I’m driving back from Vegas, and man, you haters will be pretty pleased to know that I got dropped the other day. F*cking, live by the sword die by the sword. I like to play dangerous games,” Strickland said in a video posted to his Instagram page.

“I’m sparring Max (Grishin) and mind you, me and Max spar a lot and it’s always a f*cking war so it was bound to happen. Me and him are having this war, he’s trying to put me out and I’m trying to put him out. The last five seconds come, he f*cking slips, boom! Tags me with an elbow right to the temple. It was actually pretty f*cking nice, but it sucks. It f*cking dropped me and I get back up. The coach grabbed me told me to get the f*ck out of the gym which I appreciate because I would’ve kept sparring.

Sean Strickland Wants To Go Again With Maxim Grishin

Strickland went on to confirm he feels fine despite being dropped and is simply eager to get back in the gym with Grishin.

“Everything is good, man. I’m not concussed,” Strickland said. “It sucks because for me to get ready for a fight I need to have f*cking wars. I have to spar the best. I’ve gotta have battles. F*ck man, I’m probably gonna have CTE and he half retarded by the time my career is done. When I fight Jack (Hermansson) February 5th, like, man, I want kinda want to take your soul.”

“Maxin I’m f*cking coming for you! I went to bed angry. I woke up angry,” Strickland added. “Man, I’ve been thinking about you all f*cking day. Next week, man, me and you (for) f*cking five rounds. We’re gonna run this sh*t back and I’m gonna shorten your f*cking life. Let’s go!”

Do you like it when fighters like Sean Strickland are honest about what goes down in sparring?