Sean O’Malley Praises Fellow Star Paddy Pimblet, ‘I Think He’s Doing a Great Job

UFC bantamweight, Sean O’Malley shares his admiration for fellow rising star, Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblet.

O’Malley and Pimblet, both aged 27, have shared a similar career trajectory; almost being designated UFC stardom so early in their time with the promotion.

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The pair also share some similar characteristics, both being confident, outspoken men who seemingly manage to draw in just as many fans with their interviews, podcast appearances, and social media antics as their actual fights.

With both men vying for the same spot as the UFC’s next biggest star you would assume there would be some form of rivalry. In fact, there seems to be some mutual respect maybe evening verging friendship between the two

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Although beginning with calling O’Malley ‘a bit of a bitch’ Pimblet had praise for the American. “He’s a little pothead, so hats off to him lad,” Pimblet said in an interview with MMA On Point.  “he’s still getting s— done well, he’s stoned half the time, so well in Sean O’Malley

“He’s alright with his fans, isn’t he, you know what I mean, I don’t like people who don’t interact with fans, I think they’re a——-, you know what I mean, so the fact that he does makes me like him.”

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O’Malley would reciprocate the comment, complimenting the Scouser in an interview with the Schmo.

Sean O’Malley being interviewed by ‘The Schmo.’

“Paddy is doing a great job of marketing himself.” O’Malley said, “He’s got two fights, two finishes. I think he’s doing a great job. I’ve had eight fights, nine fights, I don’t remember. I’ve had a lot more fights and he’s got a good following already, so I think he’s doing a good job.

“We’re buds because he’s raided me on Twitch and I’ve hosted him on Twitch, so, we’re buds I guess. That’s just how that works.”

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The paid are the prototypical new-age MMA star, with their in-ring skills and ability to market themselves just as good. The pair are also able to reach new markets, with their use of platforms like Twitch and TikTok; skyrocketing their following and viewership.

Would you like to see a future Sean O’Malley vs. Paddy Pimblet Super-Fight in the Future?