Schaub To Rousey: Don’t Hate Floyd When Your Man Beats His Wife

The seemingly endless and mostly pointless feud between Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather has reached a ridiculous level of hype. If you ask most hardcore or knowledgeable fans of MMA they’ll tell you that it’s a fight that would never happen for so many reasons, let alone the fact that one is a male professional boxer and the other is a female mixed martial artist.

Rousey’s alleged relationship with Travis Browne has given the media something non-boxing based to focus on for the last few days, as the UFC heavyweight is still under investigation for supposedly beating his wife.

The women’s bantamweight champ’s trademark phrase ‘Do Nothing Bitch’ has been turned and used against her since these stories came to surface, and Brendan Schaub, ex-Rousey boyfriend, says that ‘Rowdy’ needs to get a dose of reality. Check out a snippet (more to come) from ‘Big Brown’s’ most recent podcast, as caught by

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“It’s tough when you’re like, uh don’t be a do nothing bitch and you hate on Mayweather, and then your boyfriend’s over here beating the shit out of his wife,” Schaub states. “And not to mention, he’s still married. So it’s tough when you’re a role model.” 

Of course the context of which these comments were made is yet to be fully realized, but the overall message is pretty clear; don’t set yourself up for a fall with ‘DNB’ comments and such, then go and date a guy who is (allegedly) a wife-beater and is still married too.

Whether the women’s bantamweight queen wanted to be a role model or not the fact remains that she is and these sorts of faux pas’ don’t get missed.

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This is all assuming that Rousey is in fact dating ‘Hapa’, as this is yet to be proven/disproved by either Browne or ‘Rowdy’ themselves. For the meantime, it remains an ugly rumour at the least.