Rumor: Brock Lesnar will return to the UFC in 2012

News broke today that Brock Lesnar indeed may return to the UFC after showing his face ringside at UFC 146. The much-discussed former UFC champion recently made another foray into the world of WWE after suffering a TKO loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Many thought that Lesnar was indeed finished with MMA, as diverticulitis and two vicious knockouts in a row began to take their toll. However, today it appears that is not the case.

Soon after UFC 146, rumors swirled about Dana White meeting with Lesnar. While they did meet, it was reported to not have gone well, perhaps squashing any hint of Lesnar’s return to the UFC. Those rumors have returned with a vengeance, according to Mike Sawyer of ToughTalkMMA via

While Sawyer did say that this is in no way confirmed, we will have to wait and see how the the situation plays out. It is, at least for now, just a rumor. However, more rumors speculate that Lesnar is under a lot of heat for appearing at the UFC event last month, but there are many specifics to be considered and worked out concerning his WWE contract. As of today, Lesnar is scheduled to appear at the next WWE pay-per-view. Obviously he would have to be released from the WWE depending on what his current contract dictates.

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This could be huge news for the UFC, as Lesnar has shown he is their biggest draw. The question remains if he is still relevant in a very talented UFC Heavyweight division. Who will his next opponent be should he return? Names like Roy Nelson and Stefan Struve could arise as possible opponents. A grudge match with Frank Mir, although currently unlikely, could be a huge draw. Will Brock Lesnar enter the UFC Octagon in 2012?

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