Rory MacDonald Has ‘Very Interesting’ News About Robbie Lawler’s UFC 189 Drug Tests

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Just a few short days after he officially signed with Bellator MMA as arguably the UFC’s most high-profile free agent defector, top-ranked welterweight Rory MacDonald has come out with some potentially game-breaking news about why part of the reason he left the Octagon.

According to MacDonald during an appearance on ‘The MMA Hour’ today (transcribed via MMA Mania), “The Red King” has received some ‘interesting information’ about former welterweight champ Robbie Lawler being involved in some funny business surrounding the drug tests for his all-out classic war with MacDonald in the co-main event of UFC 189:

“To answer your question about leaving UFC without winning a belt, yeah I am. Actually right before this conversation, something very interesting came up to me. We are going to have to see where it goes, but it has something to do with the title fight against Robbie Lawler. Some very interesting information just came about. We’ll see what happens with that.”


MacDonald added that he wasn’t going to cause a big stir about the scenario just, because he still had more facts to gather and research to do. If it did prove to be valid, however, “The Red King” said it would be big news.

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With performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) quite possibly the hottest overall topic in MMA today, MacDonald laid out his career as a clean fighter, and he would be understandably angered if Lawler did indeed beat him him in perhaps the bloodiest UFC war of all-time while he was on steroids:

“I don’t really want to speak too loud about it, but it’s something that really grabbed my attention and I think a lot of people are going to be very interested to hear about this if it actually is true, I have to do my research.”

“But it could be a potentially very big thing and it pisses me off. It pisses me right off to hear about it, to be honest. I feel very robbed. I worked hard for that fight and I fought my heart out. I left everything in there. I left my soul and I really left everything out there. I came in honest, and I always have my entire career. I don’t play with any dirty drugs, any performance enhancers or something I don’t believe in morally. I always believe in myself that if I work hard, work on my techniques, train hard that I can get to the top and be the best.”


With his Bellator debut pushed back to sometime in the summer of 2017 due to the severely broken nose he suffered against Lawler, “The Red King” seemed to get more heated as he kept discussing Lawler’s potential failure. He described a scene where some of “Ruthless’s” test results were at four times that of a normal human, and he also cited American Top Team‘s seedy history with PEDs.

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Although he would certainly have a right to be furious were that the case, MacDonald recollected himself as he remembered he didn’t yet have the facts of the matter:

“The fact that whatever happened in there, if this is true, it pisses me right off to my core. Some test results came out four times higher than the limit for my fight with him. It could be bullshit. That’s why we have to look into it. I don’t want to start pointing fingers or anything. Look at that team’s history. It makes me very suspicious but I can’t go out and start saying for sure without making my research that all this is true.”


While obviously nothing can be proven against Lawler right now, it would be a significant black eye on the sport of MMA were he to have survived a vicious third round head kick and barrage of follow-up strikes to finish “The Red King” with a gruesome fifth round onslaught thanks to PED use the very weekend that the UFC’s new and increased drug testing partnership with USADA was unveiled.

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It would seem that MacDonald would have to be at least somewhat certain in his accusations to unveil such a rumor live on MMA’s most-watched interview show, but it could be him just throwing more shade on the UFC after freeing himself from their grasp. “The Red King” could have just a bit of sour grapes because of his failed title bid that is now affecting his ability to fight.

Either way, it’d be a shame for steroids to mar what many people feel was the greatest MMA bout of all time.