It was recently reported that the former UFC women’s bantamweight queen, Ronda Rousey, suffered horrific injury earlier this month.

While shooting her upcoming television show “911,” the former UFC star’s left hand was smashed with a boat door. As a result, she would break and nearly lose her middle finger. Despite the injury, Rousey still finished her scene before being rushed to a nearby hospital.

The former champ released a YouTube video this past Wednesday explaining how the incident went down.

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“I guess I was just a little bit too short to push the boat door all the way to the top, so I had to give it a little bit of an ‘oomph’ like a push, and it stalled at the top and came down, or it bounced back and came down, but it was staying up enough for me to turn my back on it and stepped out and the boat door slammed down.”

“I had to tell the director, I remember, like, turning towards him and I remember telling them ‘you guys are not going to like, this, but my finger is no longer attached to my finger.’ And they were like ‘what?’ and I looked down and my finger was barely hanging on.”

What do you think about Rousey nearly losing her finger on the set of “911?”

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