Exclusive Interview with the Official BAMMA Girl Georgia Graham

On May 21st, Wembley Arena in London, England will host the sixth BAMMA event, headlined by a Middleweight showdown between Murilo “Ninja” Rua and the local hero Tom “Kong” Watson. But before fighters lock horns inside the cage, we take a look at what British Association of Mixed Martial Arts has to offer in terms of ringside entertainment.

Please meet the twenty-one year old Georgia Graham. She’s from Berwick-upon-Tweed, the northernmost town in England, on the east coast at the mouth of the River Tweed (thanks, Wikipedia). Georgia reached the finals of Miss Universe Great Britain back in 2009, and been doing numerous promo work since then. She loves Oreo Cookies, Ice-Cream and of course Mixed Martial Arts.

In an exclusive interview for LowKick.com Community, Georgia Graham spoke about her job as BAMMA Ring Girl, Mixed Martial Arts and what are the most important things she looks for in a guy.

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What are your hobbies?
I enjoy doing MMA training sessions but just to keep fit and get myself further educated on the sport. I won’t become a fighter though, just do it for the fitness and self defence! Other hobbies include photography, cars and just having fun!

How did you get into MMA business?
Really random as I was seen on a website from a past job. Just right place right time I guess! Very pleased to now be a part of the MMA business!

What’s the best thing about being a BAMMA Ring Girl?
I’ve met some great people through being the BAMMA girl which is great and also getting to be so involved in such a brilliant sport.

What do you think about MMA as a sport? Isn’t it too rough?
I think it’s a very skilled sport and takes so much training as I found out first hand! I think people tend to misjudge it a lot as being just rough or brawling, but if they got to know the sport a little better they would find out it’s not and that these fighters are highly trained in mixed martial arts.

Can you imagine yourself fighting inside the cage?
After doing it myself and throwing a bag around I can’t imagine what it would be like to try and do it with a human in the cage!

Who’s your favorite MMA fighter?
I haven’t really got a favorite as I generally admire them all and they all are very skilled in what they do! Also, I’m still new to the sport, so I probably will pick out a few favorites as I get to know and see more.

Would you ever date an MMA fighter?
Not if I can help it as I like to keep business and pleasure separate. But I guess you can’t chose who you like!

What are the most important things you look for in a guy?
Making me laugh is very important! Someone spontaneous, fun, cheeky, silly and who can laugh at themselves suits me!

UFC’s Arianny Celeste has recently posed for Playboy. Is that something you would like to do at some point?
It’s not a goal I have set in my career but it would be pretty cool for such a big and well known magazine to take interest. I guess the best time to ask me that is if they asked me!

Who will win in the BAMMA 6 main event between Tom Watson and Ninja Rua?
I think it will be an interesting fight. I think, both fighters have great skill but I will be rooting for Tom Watson.

BAMMA 6: Live at Wembley Arena, Saturday 21st May.

Buy tickets from: Ticketmaster.co.uk 

UK FANS: Watch Live Exclusively only on Syfy at 9pm Sky/HD 114, Virgin TV 135 and TalkTalk 22