Report: Batista Signs With Strikeforce; Opponent and Date of Debut Set to Be Announced

(Video courtesy TMZ)

According to former WWE heavyweight champion, Dave Batista, he has signed a contract with Strikeforce and his opponent and the date of his debut should be announced shortly.

In the above interview with TMZ, the retired pro wrestler answered the interviewer’s query of “So are you going on to the UFC or what? What’s going on with that?” with a word, “Strikeforce.” When questioned further about who he will face in his debut for the promotion, the 41-year-old replied,“You’ll see. I know, but I’m not telling you.”

What he did say is that he isn’t stupid and that he doesn’t want to be retired by his first opponent. 

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“Not Fedor. I don’t want nothin’ to do with that dude.”

I’m thinking it will be a “rematch” with Bobby Lashley.

Here are some videos of Batista training for his real fighting career:

(Video courtesy YouTube/Affliction)

(Video courtesy YouTube/

*Update: According to MMAMania, Strikeforce reps say the story is bullshit, so either Batista is a bit confused, or the promotion wants to announce the news itself.