Former UFC Lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos is out of his matchup against rising prospect Islam Makhachev at UFC 254 due to a contracting COVID-19.

Dos Anjos posted a statement to his Twitter sharing a little about how the illness found him and stating that he will be back as soon as possible.

“Life is like those things that we don’t understand now, but that will be revealed in the future. I left the comfort zone in the United States to come to Rio De Janeiro and restart my career. The stay was the best possible, feeling the warmth of my wonderful city, breathing the smell that only the ocean here has, and sharing the joy of the priceless smiles of my people even hidden behind masks. Being able to be taken care of by the health professionals who are the best in the world and who I trust with my eyes closed, experiencing the training with the best coaches and other professionals who struggle every day to achieve their dreams. I came to rescue my dream of becoming a champion again, and that goal was achieved sharing my experiences with the Nova Uniao team and learning many details to improve my game and close the gaps in the future, none of this was in vain. Unfortunately I will not be able to compete on the 24th. COVID19 caught me big time and the doctors cut me out. But soon i will be back victorious inside the octagon nothing can take away the blessing that is upon us god will provide.”

Wil RDA out of the event this leaves his opponent Islam Makhachev without anyone to face. Since this announcement he was taken to twitter putting together a list of potential matchups he would like to face off against at UFC254.