QuickQuote: GSP 'Koscheck has definitely gotten into my head'

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When on a conference call this week GSP was asked if all the things Koscheck has been saying had any affect on him, and he said the following:

“He’s definitely gotten into my head, which is a good thing for me, If you look at all the guys that i’ve fought in the past that have been very arrogant with me, i did very well”

” so it will give me more motivation to train hard, and [I’ll] always think about the scenario in my head. When it is time to fight, i will have done my homework.”

While it appears that GSP is not affected, but mearly amused by Koschecks comments GSP did defend himself on a few of Koschecks insulting remarks. When asked if he thinks Koscheck is excited to fight in Montreal GSP said:

“that’s not true, He’s not happy at all”


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