Poll: Will Mendes vs. McGregor Be UFC 189’s ‘Fight of the Night?’

Mendes McGreg

It may not be the bad blood-fueled spectacle that the MMA world was hoping for, but next Saturday night’s (July 11, 2015) UFC 189 main event between Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor still promises to be an exciting and pivotal scrap for the interim title.

By now it’s common knowledge that longtime champion Jose Aldo has been forced out of the bout with a broken rib, leaving room for recent title challenger Mendes to somewhat controversially step in to take his spot.

There are a decent amount of fans and media members who believe that ‘Money’ is actually the tougher fight for McGregor to take to the bank, as Mendes will most likely use his NCAA All-American wrestling pedigree in an attempt to ground ‘Notorious’ while a motivated Aldo would have most likely stood and traded power shots.

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McGregor has exhibited stellar takedown defense in the UFC up to this point, but he’s obviously never faced a wrestler of Mendes’ caliber. On the other side of the coin, Mendes has never faced a striker with the reach and unique, dynamic abilities that McGregor brings to the table. That adds up to an unpredictable and emotionally charged affair that truly could go either way.

It should turn out to be quite the bout. Do you think it will win UFC 189’s ‘Fight of the Night?’

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