Ex-UFC star Paige VanZant turned down $50,000 for crazy OnlyFans request: ‘That kind of crosses the line’

Paige VanZant

Combat sports star and OnlyFans model Paige VanZant is always open to taking fan requests on the popular subscription-based website, but according to ’12 Gauge,’ one individual took things a little too far.

The former UFC standout saw her bank account explode upon launching her page, making “more money in 24 hours on OnlyFans” than in her entire fight career combined. Through the site, PVZ has a direct link to fans where they can communicate with her, giving each one a personalized experience. That has proven to be another lucrative opportunity for the BKFC brawler as she finds herself regularly fielding requests from subscribers who are willing to pay big money for something exclusive.

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However, one fan appears to have crossed the line.

“Somebody wrote to me on OnlyFans, and they offered me $50,000 to cut my hair into a bob. They did want the back shaved,” VanZant said on a new episode of her podcast — A Kickass Love Story — with her husband and MMA fighter, Austin Vanderford. “He wanted an undercut, which is when you shave the back of your head and you can put designs into it. And then you leave the bob, like you leave some hair so you don’t always see like the back of the head, but when you pull your hair up it’s shaved underneath.”

“The caveat was I had to mail him all my hair,” VanZant divulged.

“That’s where it got weird for me,” Vanderford added. “I mean, the first one’s a no-brainer, if someone offers you $50,000 to cut your hair, you’re gonna cut your f*cking hair.”

VanZant had no issue with the initial request of cutting her hair short, but mailing it to someone made her feel like the recipient was trying to put a curse on her.

“Chopping my hair off for somebody and mailing it to them, that kind of crosses the line for me. That makes it seem a little weird,” VanZant added.