A history of ‘Rush’: GSP’s five defining fights

As long-standing Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre prepares to return to the Octagon after almost 19 months away, it becomes important to remember what got GSP to the lofty status he sits today. There has been much talk surrounding GSP’s inability to finish opponents as of late, his tendency to fight very safe, and questions surrounding his severe knee injury. All valid questions to be sure, but the bottom line is GSP has been a dominant champion, and has finished off some of the best Welterweights

The Top 10 female fighters of all time – from Lucia Rijker to Ronda Rousey

UFC President Dana White has long gone on the record that the divisions in Women’s MMA are not deep enough for the UFC to support female fighters. That may be changing as women continue to make an impact in the sport, particularly on the heels of Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman.On the amateur fight circuit, this writer has personally seen female bouts double the attendance figures over an all-male card. If Dana White fails to see that aspect of it, there are plenty of other promoters who do, such as Scott