Video- Paddy Pimblett Trains With US Marines: ‘These Motherf*ckers Are Killing Me’

Paddy Pimblett
Photo Credit: Paddy Pimblett's YouTube

Paddy Pimblett took on the US Marines in a training video he did on his YouTube channel.

Paddy ‘The Baddy’ did a few training exercises with some US Marines at a base in San Diego, in his most recent upload to his YouTube channel. He also showed them some jiu-jitsu moves as well, as it was a great learning experience for both Pimblett and the marines he trained with. Pimblett was sporting his post fight body, as he has been enjoying his time off, cutting weight. He has packed on a few pounds as he usually does in between fights. He apologized multiple times for being “a fat c*nt”, to marines that were carrying him over their shoulders.

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It was quite obvious that Pimblett wasn’t expecting a crazy workout, but they gave him a true run for his money. He was driving in sweat and even said that he was so wet, that it looked as if he fell off a boat. Pimblett was messing around with he instructors, telling them if he hurt himself it was on them.

Pimblett was going through it, as he was running while holding marines on his shoulders.

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“This motherf*cker is killing me” Pimblett shouted out as he ran.

Paddy Pimblett is currently undefeated in the UFC, as he continues to ascend the lightweight rankings

It only took Pimblett a few months in the UFC to become a household name and one of the most liked fighters int he UFC. He has overcame adversity in two fights, coming back from being knocked down and winning via submission. He also dominated a fellow wrestler in Jordan Leavitt, and was bale to beat him as well.

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Pimblett also capture the hearts of fans, when he gave a gut wrenching speech about his friend that committed suicide after his last win. Pimblett’s just getting started and will most likely become an even bigger star than he is now.