Paddy Pimblett plans cornrows hairstyle post-UFC 296 : ‘My hair just moved, I’m not rocked at all’

Paddy Pimblett backed as legit fighter by Gilbert Burns after UFC 296 he's learning slowly

UFC lightweight, Paddy Pimblett explains the decision to put his hair in cornrows for his ~UFC 296 fight against Tony Ferguson. 

Pimblett entered a lose-lose situation on Friday night when he faced off against fan-favourite, Ferguson. The 39-year-old “El Cucuy’ entered the fight on a four-fight losing streak and would extend that record by one after the official decision was read out

It’s unclear what Ferguson will do next, but most feel that the once-promising title challenger should hang up he gloves. As for Paddy Pimblett, the Scouser’s winning streak has continued, but for his approval rating, its unlikely that he has gained back a lot of the fans he lost following the events of his fight against Jared Gordon last year.

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Paddy Pimblett talks new look

Pimblett walked out as hyped as always, but was this time sorting a new hairstyle. The 28-year-old would fight with cornrows in, a style which has been taken on by numerous fighters attempting to keep hair out of their eyes. 

“It’s quite funny, because whenever I used to play Fight Night or the UFC game or anything like that, I’d always put cornrows on my character,” Pimblett said of his new hairstyle. “But the reason I’ve done it was because I’m sick of getting hit with little punches and left hooks and stuff like that and people would be, ‘He’s rocked! He’s rocked!’ Like, nah, my hair just moved. I’m not rocked at all. (H/T MMA Fighting)

“I think it was a little bit of a tactical one as well because also my hair goes in my eyes and I’ve got to lift my chin up and I think I’ve done a little bit of a better job keeping my chin down tonight with the cornrows.”

What did you think of Paddy Pimblett’s new look?