Oscar De La Hoya makes some interesting comments about the fiasco involving Rizin and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. It’s well known that Tenshin Nasukawa was scheduled to fight Mayweather on December 31st at Rizin 14.

There was a lot of unknown when this fight was made including a rule set wasn’t even decided, which was for good reason. The fight was called off a few days after it was announced.

De La Hoya gave his take on the situation involving Mayweather. This is where he made some comments that all boil down to one thing. He believes Mayweather attempted to make this fight in order to simply get attention.

“I think he just wants attention,” De La Hoya on Monday told MMAjunkie. “That’s all it is, and Floyd is a fighter who should just stick to boxing.”

Mayweather was last seen when he beat former UFC lightweight and featherweight champ Conor McGregor. He defeated him by TKO last year. According to the legendary fighter, he doesn’t think that Mayweather will ever step inside of a cage to fight. He also thinks that making up special rules to do so is ridiculous.

“I don’t think he’ll ever step into the cage,” De La Hoya said. “Making up these special rules, it’s ridiculous. If you’re going to box, then box inside the ring. If you want to become an MMA fighter, why limit yourself and set the rules so there’s no kicks or grappling?”

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