Nick Diaz Reveals Connection To Shooting Involving Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard

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Recently, Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard Gregory LaRosa was shot in Atlanta, Ga., when his motorcade of three cars was attacked.

LaRosa was supposedly headed back to his hotel from a nightclub when an attack deemed not random by Atlanta police unfolded, resulting in LaRosa being shot and hospitalized. Mayweather was allegedly part of the motorcade, although the car he was riding in was reportedly not targeted.

While that may not directly involve mixed martial arts (other than Mayweather’s continuously rumored foray into the cage), TMZ Sports recently revealed a connection the shooting had to enigmatic UFC star Nick Diaz. According to Diaz, LaRosa was a friend of his, and he wishes him well in recovery:

“That was my boy that got shot I think. Bro, I hope you feel better. Two of them, actually. My big friend, my tall friend, I was like ‘Man you’re too big, you can’t dodge no bullets.’ Sometimes it’s just gonna go down. When it goes down, it goes down.”

Indeed, and based on his rough upbringing in Stockton, Calif., Diaz knows a thing or two about the unfortunate circumstances of non-regulated violence.

As far as regulated violence, he was recently reinstated by USADA after serving a one-year suspension for whereabouts violations and hinted he may be coming back on social media. The fan favorite has been out of action since a decision loss to Anderson Silva in 2015 that was changed to a no contest when Silva tested positive for elevated testosterone levels.

Will we ever see the polarizing slugger back in the octagon?

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