Nicco Montano Feels ‘Exploited’ By Soon To Be Released Documentary

Nicco Montano

The former UFC Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano recently appeared on the MMA on SiriusXM podcast to discuss her upcoming documentary Warrior Spirit. The exclusive interview can be found here ‎Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha: BONUS: Nicco Montaño Opens Up on Apple Podcasts. The film is set to premier on the 12th of November, however in what should be a very proud moment herself. Instead, Montano had to speak upon how she felt ‘exploited’ during the filming of this piece and the issues that came along with this.

When I confronted my producer who was also my lawyer at the time and asked him why is this scene in the show, I’m getting all kinds of hate and I still haven’t been able to watch the link because you’re worried I’m still going to show the UFC something… even though I was at the tail-end of working with the UFC so I didn’t want to be involved with the film because I knew it was taking that route because they were being secretive about it,”

“Then the UFC was like, ‘Well, this documentary is coming out – anti-UFC – do you know about it? It has your name all over it.’ I haven’t been able to see it, I’ve been trying to ask them for a link, they’re not sending it to me.”

“When the film came out and everybody was like ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you exposing yourself? We’re native, we’re a modest people. You shouldn’t have done this. Now I’m not your fan,’” Montano said. “I have no idea what’s happening, I was never sent the link, I never said this was okay. If that part needed to be in the film… I don’t even see why it needed to be in the film.

“It’s funny because the film talks about the genocide of our people, right?” Nicco Montano added. “We get exploited by the government, the UFC exploits their fighters, and now I’m not getting any reimbursement from this show… exposed for free because I signed a contract that my lawyer did three years ago.” (Transcribed by

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Nicco Montano also faced an uphill battle during her time with the UFC

The American-born fighter only stepped inside the octagon twice during her time with the UFC picking up a unanimous decision victory over Roxanne Modafferi back in December of 2017, followed up by a unanimous decision loss that came at the hands of Julianna Pena in July of 2019. Weight Cutting issues were a common occurrence for Montano. Unfortunately for her after continued problems with making weight and six consecutive canceled bouts, Montano was released by the UFC.

What do you think is next for Nicco Montano?