In the UFC Vegas 8 co-main event former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler returns to the octagon for the first time in more than a year. ‘Ruthless’ is hoping to snap a three-fight losing streak against perennial contender Neil Magny who is aiming to stretch his winning run to three in a row.

Round 1: Robbie Lawler is putting the forward pressure on early. Neil Magny is using the kicks to keep the former champ at bay. Lawler shoots for a takedown but Magny stays upright. He grabs onto Lawler’s head and ends up in the top position. Lawler eventually stands back up to his feet but Magny has his back. ‘The Haitian Sensation’ is stuck to Lawler like glue here. He eventually drags the fight back to the mat but is reversed by Lawler who tries to land ground and pound. Magny pops back up but maintains the clinch. He drops down for a takedown and gets it. Lawler scrambles but he ends up in the same position he started. Magny is on top reigning down with heavy body shots as round one ends.

Round 2: Lawler begins round two with his patented forward pressure. He’s being smart though and not jumping in too much. Magny throws a head kick before securing a takedown. He quickly moves to Lawler’s back. He’s got so much time to work right now. Magny is ambitiously trying to set up a twister submission right now – Lawler is wise to it. ‘Ruthless’ almost got back up but Magny drags him back to the mat. Lawler is trying to use the fence to stand up but he’s eating shots. He eventually gets up but it stuck in the clinch. He lands a couple of elbows before eating a few knees. They separate – Lawler is chasing his man now with 30 seconds left in round two. The horn sounds before the former 170lb champ can get any offense off.

Round 3: Magny rattles off a leg kick at the start of round three. Lawler lands a big shot and Magny appears to choose to drop to the floor. Lawler is in his opponent’s guard. Magny is clamped onto him and ultimately get the referee to stand them up. Lawler is getting aggressive now. He’s throwing and landing big shots. Magny pushes him back to the fence and eventually gets the takedown. Lawler gets back to his feet but eats a knee for his troubles. They separate and go back to the centre. Lawler is putting the pressure on but seems a bit gun shy. Magny is picking him off with nice punches and knees. He’s also using the clinch well – Lawler doesn’t know how to deal with it. Into the final minute and Magny is feeling himself right now. Lawler is still trying but he’s unable to get anything effective off. Magny utilizes the jab to withstand the late onslaught from Lawler and surely pick up a decision win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Neil Magny def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision

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