Nate Diaz Sends Message After Brawl, Khabib Asks UFC For A Real Fight

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It’s no secret that lightweights Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Nate Diaz don’t like each other, as they have gone back and forth on twitter numerous times in the past. However, there rivalry came full circle when the two engaged in a full-fledged brawl at this past weekend’s (August 1, 2015) WSOF (World Series of Fighting) 22 event.

Multiple videos have surfaced of the event, and the elder Diaz brother, Nick, even got involved as well, truly putting the spotlight on this now somewhat intriguing rivalry. Despite now being days after, it seems as if the situation has not been put to rest, as Diaz in typical Diaz fashion sent a message to Nurmagomedov, claiming that he slapped “The Eagle”:

Check out the message below (courtesy of Bloody Elbow):

“Hey, f*** that n**** Khabib. He a bitch, he got slapped. BLAM! Open hand slap. BLAM! Bitch ass n**** goof. Nothin.”

Nurmagomedov has not let it go either, taking to his official Instagram account to release a statement of his own, admitting that he has actually asked the UFC for a fight with the younger Diaz brother. However, “The Eagle” claimed that Diaz ran away the other night, and he doesn’t think the “Stockton Bad Boy” would ever fight him in the Octagon:

“There are simply unrealistic numbers of reports about yesterday’s incident,” Khabib said. “I can tell you the truth: fights between males occur, there is nothing unusual about this, but since we are both UFC fighters, this clash was big news. Yesterday we came face-to-face with Diaz and had a verbal argument, and then he began the first fight. I was a professional fighter aware that it was all happening out there. Since it was a live broadcast of the WSOF event, it can be confirmed by the large number of witnesses,  so I do not want to describe all the details.

“They [Diaz Brothers] ran from me three times. We’ll see what will happen next. I’ve already asked for a fight with him [Nate] from the UFC bosses, but judging by the speed that Diaz ran, it is hard to believe that the fight will take place.”

Now, although many would probably tune into this fight because well let’s be honest, for some strange reason mixed martial arts (MMA) fans just can’t get enough of either Diaz Brother, it just doesn’t make sense.

Diaz hasn’t competed since last December where he was absolutely battered by now champion Rafael dos Anjos, and despite having dealt with a plethora of injuries over the past year that have forced him out of multiple bouts, Nurmagomedov should be in line for a huge fight, or even a title shot when he returns.

Diaz is currently unranked, and doesn’t really fit the bill for what Nurmagomedov should be in store for. However, anything can happen in MMA, and rivalries and trash talk produce dollar signs, which we all know is what the UFC is after.

Would any part of you care to see this fight?

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