Myles Jury Believes The Pressure Is All On Diego Sanchez At UFC 171


Undefeated UFC lightweight prospect Myles Jury has the opportunity of a lifetime when he steps into the cage to face off with TUF 1 winner and perennial “Fight of the Night” producer Diego Sanchez.

To put it in perspective, Jury was a cast member on TUF 13 and 15. But “Fury” has been fighting since 2005, and while he may not have as much high-level experience as his opponent, he feels like this really isn’t his coming out party. At the UFC 171 open workouts, he told MMA H.E.A.T. his take on the situation:

“I’m not looking at it like that at all, man. I feel like I’ve been around for awhile and I feel like I’ve been fighting some good guys for a while, it’s just that now finally I’m getting out a name. I’ve been fighting tough guys with no names, so it’s good though. I’m excited for the opportunity, but I feel like it’s just another fight to me, man. If anything, this is like, the less pressure I’ve ever had in a fight because the pressure’s on Diego.”

That’s a novel way to look at it, but the reality is this could be Jury’s big chance to break out (or lack thereof) whether he likes it or not. With Sanchez looking in incredible shape and known for his exciting wars, Jury has to be ready to go all-out for a full 15 minutes. When asked if he did anything different to prepare for the “Dream,” Jury described his preparation to get into a dogfight:

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“Yeah, definitely. I just bring in good sparring partners, guys that mimic Diego, guys that don’t respect me at all. I’m not sparring with guys that are looking at me like, ‘Oh, Myles Jury;’ I’m bringing in guys that are like, their one job is to try and knock me out, is trying to intimidate me, trying to do exactly all the things that Diego does. So, I’ve had that look in the gym, so there’s like really nothing else I can do to prepare for him. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

We’ll see if he’s truly ready as he can be, because you can bet the “Dream” is going to do everything he can to make Jury’s proposed breakout a nightmare. Can “Fury” rise to the occasion and pick up his biggest-ever win in Dallas?