MMA Sanctioning in NYC – Update

New York’s Governor Paterson presented an official budget this year which provided details of how tax revenue for MMA regulated events would be generated, there fore another source of income for the state of New York.  Demonstrating great support Gov. Paterson even appeared on the Don Imus show to explain why he supported its passing.

MMA is having gloomy days in NY, Gov. Paterson dropped out of the re-election – a contrary act to his public political efforts.  But Zuffa will continue to commit major lobbying efforts to take advantage of an April 1st deadline which if approved, would grant them the ability to squeeze a 2010 UFC event into the PPV line-up.  Despite an executive branch of the state backing MMA legislation, there is no one within the political walls to quarterback the bill for the early spring deadline.
Still a surprise to me that New York is not supportive of the sport of MMA, considering that they have been courted for so many years by the industry.  The state whose motto is -‘We Dare Defend Our Rights,’ were quick to execute a bill proposed only one year ago.  Alabama approved legislation last week,  after it passed a bill to create a state boxing commission to oversee MMA events and regulating.  The events previously held were never sanctioned bouts.
The remaining states that are gaining more of Zuffa’s efforts are Vermont, Connecticut, South Dakota and Virginia.