Charles Goodwin, an MMA fighter and business management student at Liverpool University, has been found guilty of seven separate charges, including two charges of rape and further charges of sexual assault after he was released without charge, and further attacked two women in separate incidents. 

Goodwin, 21, of Hilbre Street, Liverpool city center, who described himself as a “sex god”, a “hopeless romantic”, and “Charlie big bollocks”  in Liverpool Crown Court, was initially released from police custody after an initial accusation, before sexually assaulting an undergraduate less than a year later. 

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Convicted in January of this year of raping two women and sexually assaulting another, the MMA fighter has been told to expect a “lenghty period of imprisonment” by a Liverpool Crown Court judge, after he was found guilty of seven separate charges.

Charles Goodwin had initially been released without charge while under investigation for an initial accusation

MMA fighter, Goodwin had initially been released without charge while under investigation, after he raped a student in Manchester, before raping another inebriated student at their halls in Liverpool. 

Three days after that incident, MMA fighter, Goodwin sexually assaulted another woman in the same halls in Liverpool, with both women involved informing police on the incidents. 

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Subsequently arrested again, Goodwin was found guilty in January of three charges of rape and one further charge of assault by penetration against a student in Manchester, and a charge of raping a student in Liverpool. 

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court also convicted Goodwin of two further offenses of sexually assaulting a third student in Liverpool, and cleared him of sexual assault on a fourth student in Liverpool. 

“I am going to order a per-sentence report to be prepared by probation to include the extent to which you present a danger to women and the outcome of that may affect sentence,” Judge David Swinnerton told Goodwin. “Please prepare yourself for a lengthy period of imprisonment.” (Transcribed by Daily Mail)

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The prosecuting, Matthew Curtis told the jury, “The prosecution say the defendant did not care whether the complainants consented or not. In short, he got what he wanted with no care for them or the immediate consequences of his actions.”

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