Mir: A sh**y win is better then a Sh**y loss

” i guess a sh**ty win is better than a sh**ty loss” those were the words off former HW champ Frank Mir, after a lack luster bout, which served as the main event at Saturdays UFC 119.

“Other than that, I’m really pissed off about my performance.”

“I got really frustrated because with pushing him against the cage, I drilled so much on what to do from there, and I was making mistakes I wasn’t making a month ago that I thought I had corrected. So halfway through the fight, I’m actually bitching to myself. … I think that was part of my problem. I needed to clear my mind more.”

“Without a single takedown, I was able to stand up for two and a half rounds with Mirko and get the knockout. I guess that’s a bonus. That’s the only positive I can take from this.”

“At least I can rest easy knowing I didn’t go to decision.”

“I didn’t huff and puff one time, and in the past, I’ve always sort of been known for (bad) conditioning, That wasn’t a factor at all. I felt in great shape the whole time.”

Frank Mir clearly has some mixed feelings on a bout that was just a bad match up for both fighters. It seems that he’s trying to convince himself what good came out of the fight while not trying to spit in the face of his fans about how good it  was, but Mir was always a fan pleaser and it really shows to his character and fighting spirit that he is disappointed in a knockout over the legendary Mirko Cro Cop. Cro cop has to take a long look in the mirror because as much as I love him he isn’t the same fighter. He looks chunky and unmotivated; it’s really depressing to even type those words… But congrats to you Mr. Mir, although it wasn’t the crazy fight you wanted, it was a W over a legend… and you should have got the Knockout of the night bonus regardless, that was selfish on behalf of the UFC.