Michael “Venom” Page vs. Paul Daley Targeted For London Show

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Bellator has been setting a bit of a trend with their events lately. Looking back over their last four months of shows, the consensus number two promotion seems to have experienced an awakening. For some time it appeared Bellator was headed down the route of a circus show. Featuring either gross mismatches or unnecessary fights between OAP’s, albeit legends of the sport, BMMA was not focusing on what mattered. Currently stacked with some legitimate talent, Bellator’s recent shows have been a breath of fresh air in comparison.

Aside from Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen, Bellator’s last 10 shows have depended on their rising stars. Although the production value is not quite there yet, Bellator has undoubtedly gained stock in recent months. The only bout that’s really caused a fuss was the aforementioned Ortiz vs. Sonnen, which even fellow fighters claimed to be fixed. One particular fight that we’ve been hoping for is now reportedly in the works.

Page vs. Daley

Undoubtedly Bellator’s brightest prospect, Michael “Venom” Page is on the up-and-up. With 12 wins and no defeats on his professional record, the flashy knockout striker did hit a bit of a bump in his last fight. Aside from the narrow decision against Fernando Gonzalez, Page has been thoroughly wrecking fools and showcasing some wild celebrations too. Also gaining a lot of steam in BMMA is a man with far more experience, but an equally dangerous talent, Paul Daley.

The UFC veteran returned at Bellator 170 last month with a wild flying knee KO against Brennan Ward. Immediately the welterweight “Semtex” was talked about in regards to a potential fight with “Venom.” According to Jim Edwards on Twitter, Bellator is targeting this all-English brawl for their next London card:



Folks have been talking about a step up in competition for Page for some time now. Outside of Rory MacDonald or Benson Henderson, Paul Daley is the man for the job. Add in their insane finishing ratio, Page has 10 from 12 and Daley 31 from 39, and this fight makes a world of sense. Stay tuned for updates.