UFC 204 is finally here, as the Manchester Arena prepares to welcome their hometown hero to the octagon. Michael Bisping, for the first time in his UFC career, will enter the main event as the middleweight champion. Its been a very long road, 26 UFC fights with 19 wins and seven losses, as ‘The Count’ looks for revenge at UFC 204. Defeating Dan Henderson would mean so much to Bisping, after ‘Hendo’ scored an epic UFC 100 KO over the current champ. Facing his rival on home soil in Manchester, England is almost poetic for Bisping.

Winning in the UK tonight would also make Bisping the most successful UFC fighter ever in terms of wins. Currently tied with former welterweight king Georges St-Pierre, ‘The Count’ will score his 20th victory if he gets vengeance against Henderson. Summing up an illustrious career, Henderson will look to walk out of the sport as the UFC middleweight champ. Having won titles in Strikeforce, two in Pride FC, and many others, ‘Hendo’ will undoubtedly feature in the hall of fame, regardless of the result tonight.

Michael Bisping vs. Dan Hendersson


There’s been a lot of talk heading in to the UFC 204 main event, a lot of it’s been centered on TRT and steroids. Michael Bisping accused Dan Henderson of cheating before their first fight, but ‘Hendo’ has responded with some accusations of his own. Although not as intense as their original rivalry, Bisping vs. Henderson 2 has way more on the line. Legacy, the title and of course bragging rights hang in the balance.

During the traditional weigh-ins face-off last night (Friday October 7), Bisping and Henderson got up close and personal. Courtesy of MMA Fighting on Twitter, here’s what happened when the two old rivals squared off in Manchester:

“Guys, this is the pinnacle of my career, it doesn’t get any better than this,” he began. I’m the champion. I’m defending it in Manchester.”

“Someone shut this d***head up over here. Mate, you’re going down, pal. F**k you! F**k Henderson! Manchester, let’s f*****g do this!”

How do you see this intense rematch playing out? Michael Bisping’s striking has certainly looked very sharp in recent footage, but who can deny the chance of that infamous H-Bomb landing again?

Stay tuned to LowKickMMA as we take you through the UFC 204 fight day with all the trimmings!