Former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping has certainly pulled no punches when it comes to the controversial School of Self Awareness founder, Joshua Fabia — following the latter’s slew of accusations directed toward and personal details revealed about his former client, Diego Sanchez.

Fabia, the manager, and coach of former UFC lightweight title challenger and The Ultimate Fighter 1 middleweight tournament victor, Sanchez, was relieved of his professional duties by the Albuquerque native last week after receiving mass criticism from the MMA community amid his questionable training methods and confrontations with the UFC broadcast team, as well as Chief Business Officer, Hunter Campbell. 

Following his dismissal, the highly controversial Fabia spoke publicly for the first time since Sanchez had released him from his professional positions as an attorney, coach, and manager — and claimed that the New Mexico was almost strong-armed and influenced to “throw” his UFC 239 clash with Michael Chiesa back in July of 2019 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission

So, this moment happens where the Nevada State Athletic Commission comes in and leans on Diego (Sanchez), and he has to throw a f*cking fight,” Fabia said during a recent interview on Behind The Scenes with Summer Helene. “Now, I have them recorded… You go watch the fight (with Michael Chiesa), and it’s the only fight in Diego Sanchez’s history that he never threw a punch.

The way that they did it, is in the lean, which is in talking to somebody and dangling their license and explaining,” Fabia explained. “‘Are you really trying to hurt this man? You’re not trying to hurt him, are you Diego? You’re a sportsman, Diego. You’ve always been a good guy, Diego. You’re not gonna do anything with malicious intent, are you Diego?’

During the interview with Helene, Fabia also claims that he has been acting as a sponsor for Sanchez and staying with him, before making claims that Sanchez is dealing with substance abuse issues involving Kratom and alcohol as well as “thirty” other substances. Fabia also maintains that he had been the one who has been taken advantage of in this situation, for the last two years, in fact, by Sanchez himself.

This is not, at all, what anyone who perceived, and Diego is not anywhere near what anybody knows, man. And Diego has been an addict. He hasn’t told anybody for the past five months. I was his sponsor living with him. That I had to live there because he was broke and lost all his money, and strung out on Kratom and alcohol and thirty other substances. That he had sexual abuse issues. No, he didn’t say any of that, man. And I’ve been holding up all this. I’ve been doing everything. And everybody’s coming at me.

I’ll put it out there, I’ll put out all the proof, I’ll put out all the videos, man,” Fabia explained. “Diego has clearly been taking advantage of me for two years, as I have been fighting for him, and putting myself on the line for him with zero benefit. I am the one getting death threats here.” (H/T Bloody Elbow)

Giving his thoughts on Fabia’s decision to speak out publicly against his former client, Sanchez — UFC colour commentator and Hall of Fame inductee, Bisping had some colourful words for the School of Self Awareness leader.

That little prick, that little asshole, Joshua Fabia — who runs the School of Self Awareness, and by the way, he’s the least self-aware asshole on the planet, the least self-aware, so that’s ironic,” Bisping said on his podcast, Believe You Me with comedian, Luis J. Gomez. “He’s now talking sh*t about Diego (Sanchez), not the other way round. … He’s come out and he’s talking bad about his (Sanchez’s) character, he’s saying he’s got substance abuse issues, he’s saying that he’s broke, he’s making out that he’s a bad father. I mean, this guy really, really went off the deep end.

What this guy did to Diego’s career, and end up losing him his job, and for him to come and talk all the sh*t, when Diego was so loyal to him and had his back, and even cut off members of his own family and lost his job with the UFC that he had for a long, long time — shouldn’t say job with the UFC, but his place in the UFC that he had for a long time,” Bisping explained. “And for him (Fabia) to come out there and do this — so quickly as well, it just shows, this guy is a real piece of sh*t. Joshua Fabia is a con artist, he’s a f*cking little cockroach, he’s a little sh*t that needs terminating.”