Quick Quote: Matt Hughes is not impressed with Joe Rogan’s commentary for the Shields-Kampmann fight

“Interesting night of fights, I had several offers to bet on Brock, but I just didn’t place any bets on him. I didn’t know a lot about Cain, but I did know that he had some good wrestling credentials, he had better striking abilities, and he was going to use a lot more movement in the fight. So, I didn’t think Brock was going to lose like he did, but I knew there was a good chance Cain could get his hand raised. UFC kind of made a big deal about it. I really don’t know why, but I’m glad that the Mexicans have a heavyweight champion.

I consider myself an old guy and when some of the older fighters fight, I find myself interested. Tito was on the card, against Hamill and I didn’t think there was any way for Tito to win. Tito’s got that clothing line out, Team Punishment, and when I see people wearing the shirts, I always tease them that it should be “Team Punished;” but I would even go out on a limb and say that’s the last time we see Tito in the UFC.

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Jake Shields fight was interesting to me. Jake ran out of gas, but still ended up getting the split decision. From a technical view, Kampmann had a terrible fight, in my opinion, he gave the fight to Shields. One thing I will say is Joe Rogan’s commentary was a little off during the fight. The ground game was pretty even in my book with Shields doing a little more controlling. Kampmann escaped to his feet several times and Kampmann had more submission attempts than Shields had, but listening to Rogan, you would have thought Shield had submitted him the first ten seconds of being on the ground. I really think the UFC could use a third man doing the broadcast, that has some experience inside the octagon. I don’t disagree with everything Rogan says, but there are a lot of things he says that I just laugh at.”

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Matt shares his thoughts about UFC 121 on his website Matt-Hughes.com. UFC Hall of Famer will look to get a third consecutive victory in the UFC, this time facing the former Lightweight Champion BJ “The Prodigy” Penn next month, at the co-main event of UFC 123: Machida vs Rampage. Hughes is currently 45-7 in his MMA career, with a Submission victory over Ricardo Almeida in his last bout, at UFC 117.