Mark Munoz wants a title shot, says Michael Bisping wouldn’t last three-rounds with him

Top Middleweight contender Mark Munoz, who was last seen in action defeating Chris Leben in November, discusses the injury that forced him out of UFC on Fox 2, as well as who he would like to fight upon his return. Munoz also responds to recent remarks made by Michael Bisping, and shares his thoughts on a potential match-up with the Brit. Photo: Francis Specker

Mark Munoz

Right now, for me, I feel like I’ve done what it takes to get a title shot. I feel like I need someone that’s going to get me there. … I want that title. I want that title shot. Whoever is going to get me there. I know Chael and Anderson, they’re tied up right now – maybe the winner of those two. I want somebody that’s going to give me that pull.

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Is (Michael Bisping) talking about my Chris Leben fight? Yo, I laid it down on Leben. If he’s talking like that, much of the same is going to happen to him if I fought him. That’s crazy! If I fought BIsping, and if he fought me the same as he fought Chael Sonnen on Fox, I would do the same to him that I did against Chris Leben – plain and simple. He wouldn’t want to come out for the third-round.

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