Mark Hunt Challenges Dana White, Fertitta Brothers To MMA Fight

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt‘s feud with the UFC is not ending anytime soon — especially with its most recent development.

Hunt currently has an ongoing legal dispute against the UFC after accusing the Las Vegas-based promotion of knowingly hiding the results of Brock Lesnar’s failed drug test prior to their UFC 200 fight in the summer of 2016.

While most of the charges were dismissed in 2019, an appeal earlier this year saw lawsuit revived. Hunt sent a message to White at the time.

“U fkers said to me many many moons ago if I was a gambling man and I will ask u here the same question because u ain’t eva going to get rid of me I’m a motherfken gangsta and I got that rusty fork waiting for all of your bch a eyeballs.

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“@danawhite u better kill me bra u ain’t going anywhere G u and your little puy freinds u bches have stolen from so many of us fighters and our families finally justice is about to start for u punk motherfkers enjoy it bch. And all of those who scoffed and laughed at me and said all sorts of sh** u can all kiss my black a** u filthy coward f**ks.”

Mark Hunt Offers To Fight White

With recent reports claiming Hunt had to pay over $380,000 in legal costs, it doesn’t look like the “Super Samoan” plans on doing that.

Instead, he called out White and the Fertitta brothers and offered to fight them under MMA rules.

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If Hunt were to lose, he claims he would drop his lawsuit entirely. However, if Hunt won? The UFC would need to get its checkbook out.

“Mark the super Samoan vs Dana the parasite white Lorenzo Fertita and frank fertita

“5 rounds mma these losers @danawhite frank Fertita Lorenzo Fertita has sucked the life out of so many fighters him and his scum friends -u win I drop the law suit-I win u pay every fighter u have ripped off since @ufc started now who would pay to see that”

Of course, this will never happen in reality as Hunt’s fight will mainly be in the courtroom. It is a funny visual nonetheless though.

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What do you think of Mark Hunt and his challenge to Dana White?