Lyoto Machida Wants To Fight Stephen Thompson In A Karate Match

Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Machida wants to take on Stephen Thompson in a karate match, after finishing out his contract with Bellator.

Machida has an upcoming bout against Fabian Edwards in May and that will be his last fight on his current contract. The former UFC Light Heavyweight champion will have his sixth fight under the Bellator banner. He is currently 2-3 inside the organization, after leaving the UFC. Machida was offered a new contract, but has voted to test free agency.

Machida would love to go back to karate if there was an offer worth taking. The legendary fighter is 43 years of age and will be turning 44 in May. While he is older and past his prime, Machida is still an extremely dangerous fighter inside the octagon.

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Machida was looking for a match with Georges St-Pierre, but he turned it down according to Machida.

Lyoto Machida has since turned his sights on another karate martial artist, Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson

‘The Dragon’ was on Trocação Franca, MMA Fighting’s Portuguese language podcast when he was discussing possible rate matches.

Stephen Thompson is a MMA guy [that I could face]. [Or] Georges St-Pierre,” Machida said. “But Georges St-Pierre was offered it last time and didn’t want to do it. [Karate Combat] wanted to book it in the future, after my [Bellator] contract is over, but he has other plans. I think he’s really finished his career as an athlete. [Karate Combat] called me and asked if I would fight Georges St-Pierre and I said of course, and St-Pierre said, ‘No, I have other projects.’” (Transcribed by MMAFighting)

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Since St-Pierre is not an option, Machida was then asked of the possible matchup between him and ‘Wonderboy’.

“Then it’s different,” Machida said. “Stephen Thompson is active, he’s younger, and he wants it. Let’s see what Karate Combat does in the future, but first I have to fight my fight in Bellator.”

Would you watch a karate match between Thompson and Machida?