Round 1:

Edwards lands a leg kick early on and Barberena responds with one of his own. Barberena rips off another but Edwards continues to control the center of the Octagon before landing a nice high-kick. Barberena responds with a leg kick but Edwards fires off a front body kick. A powerful leg kick from Edwards lands and he follows it up with a nice lead right uppercut.

Both men miss inside the pocket and a big body kick from Barberena lands, however, Edwards is able to catch it and take Barberena down. Edwards works to take the back but is only able to get one hook in as Barberena protects his other side against the fence. Edwards is able to get the other hook in and take the back and now works for the rear-naked choke with under a minute left.

Ground-and-pound lands for Edwards from the back and he tries to smother Barberena with the choke attempt, but Barberena is able to scramble back up to his feet to end the round.

Round 2:

Barberena looks to take his corner’s advice to open the second round and be more aggressive as he fires off a high-kick and some shots inside the pocket that lead to a clinch up. Edwards goes for a few trips but fails before pushing Barberena against the cage. Barberena fires off some knees before turning things around and establishes control, but Edwards flips it right back. Barberena again flips control and eats a nice knee to the gut from Edwards.

Edwards pushes off and lands a nice jab followed by a lead hook. Barberena lands a nice lead hook of his own but gets a jumping kick caught and is taken down again. Edwards pounces on Barberena’s back but only has one hook in. Barberena stands up but still had Edwards on his back. Edwards loses the back but drops level and goes for a takedown, but Barberena stuffs it. Edwards drops again but is unable to get Barberena down, who fires off elbows, forcing Edwards to come back up.

The pair separate and begin striking again. Edwards lands some nice shots on the inside but Barberena continues to press forward and lands a few shots of his own. He lands a huge uppercut that drops Edwards and Barbarena pounces on for the ground-and-pound. Barberena continues to attack but Edwards defends well, however, he is visibly hurt. Edwards gets Barberena in his full guard and holds on tight to end the round.

Round 3:

Barberena opes up the round with a nice 1-2 combo but Edwards continues to circle around. A huge head-kick lands for Edwards but Barberena eats it well. A couple of left hands land for Edwards flush, but Barberena eats them well again. Edwards gets the takedown and is on top of Barberena in half guard. Edwards lands some shots from the top before attempting to advance position. Barberena gives up his back and Edwards gets the triangle in.

With two minutes left Barberena now needs to defend his neck. Edwards now works for the rear-naked choke, locks it in and squeezes, but isn’t under the chin. Barberena frees one of Edwards’ hooks and gets to his feet. Just under a minute left now and Edwards maintains the back clinch. He drops down for a takedown but Barberena defends well. Barberena then goes for a kimura but lets it go. The round comes to an end with Barberena thorowing knees in the clinch.

Official Result: Leon Edwards def. Bryan Barberena via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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