Leon Edwards Eye Pokes Belal Muhammad In No Contest – UFC Vegas 21 Results

Leon Edwards

IT’S TIME! The UFC Vegas 21 main event is finally upon us. Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad are about to throw down.

Round 1: Lot’s of feints from both men early. Leon Edwards is pressing forward. Belal Muhammad lands a low blow. ‘Rocky’ adjusts his cup and we are back underway. Muhammad swings wildly and misses with two big punches. Edwards lands a nice one-two down the middle. The Englishman pushes his opponent up against the fence. He drops down for the takedown but Muhammad shakes him off. Edwards lands a huge head kick. Muhammad is wobbling. ‘Rocky’ is throwing bombs looking for the finish. Muhammad does well to survive. Edwards again shoots in for the takedown but fails to complete it. We are back in the striking range. Muhammad lands a nice body kick but simultaneously takes an eye poke. Another brief break and we are back to fighting. Edwards continues to push forward. Muhammad is landing the odd shot but Edwards is nailing him with big punches often. Muhammad throws a kick but it’s caught. Edwards tries for the trip but isn’t able to get it. Not much happens before the horn sounds to end round one.

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Round 2: Lot’s of feints again at the start of the round. Edwards unleashes a kick that appears to land to the body. Muhammad goes down clutching his face. Another break in the action. Muhammad has taken a bad eye poke. He’s crying on the floor. This fight is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad is a no contest.