If you already know about Kimbo skip this paragraph)   You might know Kimbo Slice as the street fighter from youtube, but when he was 33 he made his MMA debut against a former boxer known as Ray Mercer and winning. He then gets 3 more wins until getting embarressed world wide by getting KO’ed by Seth Petruzelli. After that he dissapeared for a year and shows up of the Ultimate Fighter10 then losing to Roy Nelson by the crusafix position smothering the helpless Bohamian-American with his fat belly. Then goes 1-1 in UFC before getting cut after getting owned by Matt Mitrione when he was 1-0.

Kimbo wanted to live his dream by competing in boxing, he is yet to do so and is expected to make his 1st ring apperance in December. Kimbo the money milker is wanting to make a few extra bucks, the 22nd season of survivor is a bit of a mix, as more and more of the cast is being leak people and critics are scratching their head wondering were the producers creative head is at. Kimbo Slice is to lay off boxing training for a bit and make another TV apperance by heading into the 22nd season of survivor. Even though Survivor 22: Redemption Island is going to be anything but dull. The pot will boil over, repeatedly… eh, so they say

Source: opposingview.com

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