Kevin Lee has torn his ACL and will need surgery. The lightweight contender won’t be able to fight until late 2020 at the earliest.

Lee previously told Luke Thomas on Sirius XM that he had hurt his knee but refused to go into detail about how due to insurance purposes, he said.

“Honestly, not even doing anything that was totally out of the ordinary. I mean, I’m not going to say specifically how it happened because of insurance, you know. But, it wasn’t something totally out of the ordinary. I think I may have been affected by this whole virus and s— more than I think. For some reason, I’ve been overly fatigued and my body isn’t feeling great. I zigged when I should have zagged and heard a pop pretty loud. Since then I’m unable to move it much.” (Transcribed by ESPN)

Despite suffering what sounds like a pretty gruesome injury Lee had been unable to get it checked out due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he explained.

“I haven’t gotten it checked out yet. I’ve been through enough injuries where I’m pretty sure it’s my ACL. It’s just a matter of how torn it is and what the severity is,” Kevin Lee said to Sirius XM at the time. “I got an appointment at 6:30 [today] all the hospitals are super backed up so I didn’t even bother going to the hospital. They are just sending me straight to the imaging center, get an MRI done on it. I haven’t been able to do much PT, it’s been about five days since it happened. It’s f****d, it’s my first time really going through a knee injury like this.” (Transcribed by

In a statement to ESPN Lee has now confirmed he has torn his ACL and will need surgery, he said.

“It used to mean being out a year. They’ve gotten better with the technology and the [physical therapy], so it might even be sooner. I don’t know.”

How long do you think Kevin Lee will need to recover from his ACL surgery?

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