Ken Shamrock takes another loss, this time in the courtroom.

UFC hall of famer and MMA legend Ken Shamrock has been defeated in a court battle over a contract violation claim made by Ken.Ken claimed the violation back in april of 2008 and the case was finalised in Las Vegas earlier today.Ken claimed that ZUFFA had ‘Violated certain contractual provisions of his final fight agreement’ and he was “demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation from the UFC.”

After the trial the court ruled in favour of ZUFFA via a decision that stated that ‘ZUFFA did not breach the contract.

The UFC cut shamrock following his 3rd straight UFC loss in 2006 (to Tito ortiz) and the veteran claimed that the organization breached his contract by cutting him while he had one fight left on the deal.ZUFFA;s trial counsel,D.Campbell and J.Williams offered this statement on the case:’ZUFFA has issued a clear statement that we are to pursue every legal remedy to ensure that the UFC’s contract are scrupulously honored and defended. The resulting judgement in this case is just one more example of the UFC’s resolve to vindicate its contractual rights in the courts.’

Shamrock has pioneered MMA over the years and fought many times for the UFC,but it would seem now that all bridges have been burned. Many would argue that Ken should have retired in 2006 and they may be right. But either way he has produced some great fights in his career spanning from the first ever UFC where he submitted Pat Smith but then lost to Royce Gracie to his last fights in the UFC which included a trilogy of fights against Tito Ortiz.