Exclusive | Kayla Harrison Explains Larissa Pacheco Beef, Says Pacheco Would “Beat Cyborg”

Kayla Harrison Larissa Pacheco Beef

Olympic gold medalist and undefeated mixed martial artist Kayla Harrison recently took the time to chat with us here at LowKick MMA. Discussing how she misses training with Amanda Nunes, plans on winning a third straight PFL title, and elaborated on the rivalry between her and Larissa Pacheco.

With 14 consecutive victories in a row, and two PFL titles under her belt, it’s safe to say Harrison’s transition from being an Olympic Judo gold medalist to being a full-time fighter has been a huge success. After making waves as a free agent on the open market, she’s resigned with the PFL and is looking to make history.

“She’s a good fighter. She’s a great fighter,” Kayla Harrison began, speaking to LowKick MMA’s Mike Owens. “I think that right now, she would beat Cyborg. And I think that she would give Amanda (Nunes) a really tough time. I think I’m gonna go ahead and put her at #2 for 145lbs and up. I think she’s the second-best fighter 145lbs and up.”

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Kayla Harrison On Larissa Pacheco Beef

“I know she likes to talk a little sh*t and say I’m one-dimensional. I get it… She wants to get popular, she wants to build something. I understand that.” Kayla Harrison said.

“She’s tough… She’s seasoned… She’s got knockout power,” Harrison continued. The discussion turned to the fact that a lot of people overlook the achievement of defeating Pacheco twice, due to people just not knowing who she is. “I just don’t think they know… They have no idea… And unless she fought a Cyborg or an Amanda (Nunes), or she went back to the UFC, they wouldn’t understand. She’s made a lot of progress #1, she’s put on a ton of weight, muscle, and size. And #2, she’s gotten better. She’s more experienced, more mature.”

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“…They just don’t know. And it’s ok, because I know, and I’m preparing for her, and I’m ready for her.” Kayla Harrison said. “And the very best version of Larissa Pacheco will still not beat the worst version of Kayla Harrison. It doesn’t matter how good of a knockout artist you are, you don’t knock anybody out from your back.”

Resolute in her conviction about besting Pacheco on any day, Kayla Harrison is supremely confident and assured heading into the 2022 PFL playoffs where she looks to capture her third consecutive $1 million dollar prize and PFL title in a row.

Do you agree with Kayla Harrison saying Larissa Pacheco is the “second best” fighter at 145lbs and up?